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Farm fresh produce including pick-your-own apples, pears, peaches, pumpkins, and flowers at Melick's Town Farm in Oldwick and Califon, New Jersey!
Rebecca, Peter, John, &. George Melick

Melick’s Town Farm is the largest apple grower in New Jersey with 25,000 apple trees and 5,000 peach, nectarine, plum and pear trees. Our ochards cover 120 acres of our 650 acres of land.

The farm is run by 10th generation farmers, siblings Peter, Rebecca and John Melick with the continued support of their parents George and Norma.

We have traced the family tree back to the period between 1725 and 1735 when Johan Peter Moelich arrived in the area with his two brothers.

Find out more about the history of the Melick family as printed in General Store magazine, Autumn 2001.

Our Farm Locations

Our farm actually has three locations where we grow fruits and vegetables.

Farm fresh produce including pick-your-own apples, pears, peaches, pumpkins, and flowers at Melick's Town Farm in Oldwick and Califon, New Jersey!
Melick's Orchard in Califon, New Jersey

The homestead is in Oldwick, New Jersey, approximately 35 miles west of Newark. Our Pick Your Own Strawberries and most of the vegetables are grown at this location, along with our beautiful, Pick Your Own Flowers Garden.

Just up the road, we also have approximately 50 acres of orchard in Oldwick at the location of the Cider Mill and Orchards. This is the primary location for our school tours, and much of our fall family activities.

Still further north, in Califon, New Jersey, we have our Califon Orchards, with 200 acres of peaches, apples, and pumpkins growing on the vine. This location also offers Pick Your Own Peaches, Pick Your Own Pumpkins, and Pick Your Own Apples.

The Melick's Farm Legacy

Peter and John Melick, Melick's Town Farm, Oldwick, New Jersey
Peter and John Melick

According to George, "all of my ancestors in this country were born, baptized, married and buried within five miles of Oldwick." According to George, the family has survived droughts, crop devastations, high land prices, and hard times because they have always been willing to keep up with the times.

"My early ancestors were tanning hides for their own clothing, and for sale," says George. "They learned by trying things, and by watching others. Today, we learn a lot by email. We get weather faxes at 11 at night with satellite forecasts warning us of possible problems. We grow with the times."

Nearly 300 years have passed since Johan Peter Moelich first set foot in this county. Remarkably, nine generations later, one thing at least is still the same: Come sunrise, its business as usual out on the farm.

Melick's Town Farm Accolades

New Jersey and National Winner of Outstanding Young Farmer Award

John Melick

New Jersey Winner of Outstanding Young Farmer and National Finalist

Peter Melick

Finalist in NJ Family Business Award

Melick’s Town Farm

NJ State Horticultural Society, Outstanding Fruit Grower Award

George Melick

NJ Farm Agriculture Society Marketing Award

Melick’s Town Farm

Featured by Good Morning America in Most Amazing Families Series

The Melick Family

Winner of Outstanding Farmer of 2017 by the Garden State Culinary Arts Awards

Melick's Town Farm